The Story Behind the Brand: Zero by Sergio

Zero By Sergio, was created and inspired by the concept of the number zero being the start and the finish, like a portal to the infinite.


Meet the artist behind the brand: Sergio Mejia

My Name is Sergio
I Am an Artistic-Architect of Realities

My passion is to frame non-visible ​Realities, ​by using different dimensions and the mystic aspect of life as inspiration.

Ever since I was a child I felt connected to a reality that I could not see, and even though I didn't understand it in that moment, I always enjoyed gazing upon the depths of this mysterious non-visible reality.

I want to transport you, through my art, to other dimensions. Dimensions where you can find confirmation to those feelings you have about the non-visible reality.

The truth leads to freedom. I have seen people be healed of emotional pain and baggage by being affirmed in their present reality, and accessing future dimensions through my art. 

I am a husband and father that enjoys very much being with my family. They are also who I want to inspire to find and develop what makes them unique.