The Story Behind the Brand: Seven Arrows Farm

Seven Arrows Farm is a small family run farm that sits in the middle of the vibrant green mountains of Honduras. Known as coffee country, where you still hear roosters crow, eat fresh eggs for breakfast served with a piping hot fresh cup coffee.  

        Seven Arrows Farm creates a platform and opportunity for its customers to have a global impact with each purchase.  Seven Arrows does this by partnering with Ignite Community Development Center in Honduras. Ignite works together with the community to bring positive change to target areas such as education, healthcare, families, spiritual growth community development projects. 

       We believe that together we can do something great by making purposeful choices about what we buy and who we buy from.  Each of our products has a story. We aim to tell that story while producing premium products that are natural and good for you. 

We want to thank you for choosing to make a difference in the world. We welcome you to the Seven Arrows Farm family,

Sergio and Melissa Mejia